Make Your Upcoming Week Awesome

by KavDaily|GoodPlanning Before you turn on your desktop / laptop today, take a moment and become aware of your attitude. Is it looking up? Or down? If you need to adjust it upwards, take some deep breaths and write down a few things that could potentially go well for you today. ...Focus on those... Many… Continue reading Make Your Upcoming Week Awesome

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Rebooting your life-hacks to your advantage

LengthyReadbyKavDaily “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” -Winston S. Churchill When we are confronted with failure, we primarily see all the negative aspects that come with it. We entirely oversee the benefits of failing. Yes, benefits of failing! Each failure provides the opportunity to grow… Continue reading Rebooting your life-hacks to your advantage



TechWeek When you’re hustling to make your side gig your main job, or you’re just trying to grow your business, there’s never enough time. From filling orders to sifting through emails, if there’s a way to better organize your tasks (and your thoughts) it’s usually worth a try. The second challenge with running a startup… Continue reading GIVE YOUR BUSINESS A BIG EDGE WITH THESE TOOLS