Notice the small things, the rewards are inversely proportional


Appreciate the common problems in your life

Be happy for the very foundations of your life. From the air, you breathe to the delicious meals you enjoy with your friends and family. Learn to discover the value of every aspect of your life, even if it has become mundane to you. Be thankful for what you have right now and use it as the fundamental to built your future on it. Never stop dreaming about your goals and visions, but don’t worry about the things you currently don’t have. Always keep in mind that it is a waste of time to focus on what you don’t have – for it is the time that could be spent in taking pleasure in what you have.

Unfortunately, many people only realize the fortune they had when they lose it. We have become so accustomed to the blessings in our daily life that we take most of it for granted. There are only a few that take the time to enjoy the beauty of the moment, make time for a moment of gratitude or try to discover the blessing that already exists in their lives. Most don’t even have the time to savor such a regular but totally mind-blowing phenomenon like a sundown. Instead, everyone’s attention is primarily focused on the things they do not possess, like materialistic things (wealth and expensive tangibles), interpersonal relationships (finding the “right” partner), seeking social attention (doing all sorts to gain fame and popularity) to various ideals of beauty. Most hope to fill the emptiness within them by the accumulation of materialistic things (that nobody truly needs).

We hope for big, bright and fascinating miracles, but we have forgotten a long time ago to take notice of the small wonders that happen day after day. A society that continuously wants more without realizing that less can be the “added value” everyone tries to generate so desperately. I believe that a lot of people are so preoccupied with the things they do not have that they overlook the beauty that is already in their lives. I don’t blame them. I believe that it’s rather easy to take everything you have for granted, as you will only realize what you had when it’s gone for good.

Appreciate What You Have

Discovering the advantages of your life is not difficult. All it takes is the willingness to look at your life from a different perspective than you are used to. Normally, we try to estimate the value of our life by looking at the upper-echelons of society. We compare what they posses to the ”few” things we have. Rather than this approach (that is leading nowhere and adding mental pressure), I recommend making oneself aware of people that have less and their unique capability to make much of less.

Keep A Gratitude Log

be grateful of what you have!

I sometimes forget how fortunate I am, thanks to the troubles of life that drag me down into less conscious spheres. But, whenever possible, I try to remind myself of everything that I hold in high regard, like being able to have a shower, for getting a meal each day, for the sun to rise in such an epic way, for having wonderful friends and family members that support me, but also for being able to freely express my thoughts on this blog – and for all the people who are interested in what I have to say! These might be regular things to some, but absolutely priceless luxuries to me.

Notice The Triviality

It saddens me to see people complaining about the most trivial things one can think of! How they have to wait in a queue at the supermarket, how they missed the bus, how disappointed they are about not having a fancy house and so forth. Let’s face it: In the grand scheme of life, all these things are really not important. They are minor and trivial. The difficulty lies in realizing how unimportant these things really are. Put the problem you deal with into perspective; discover the reason why you can consider yourself lucky to face such an issue. Realize that many other people would be glad to encounter such a problem in their life (if they could). Learn to value such minor problems by understanding how they are just a “by-product” of a very valuable part of your life.

What If…

… you lost everything that you have? Remember the saying that you only know what you had when it’s gone? Maybe there’s an easier way for you to really find out what is precious to you: just spend some moments thinking about what your life would look like, if you lost everything. Could you imagine a life without your family, friends and beloved ones? A life without a house or a car? Thinking about such a situation makes you realize and truly appreciate what you do have, even if these things are not as perfect as you wish.

Thanks as always, Rekah!

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