Being In The Present


Future goals and living in the present can be done all at the same time, because real generosity towards the future lies in giving it all to the present.

Escape The Mental Time-Trap

Let’s say you’re having dinner with your family. You smile, look happy and engage in small talk, but your thoughts are elsewhere. In your mind, you keep going back to that important project that you’ve been on working on for months. You worry that without your complete attention it’s going to fail. Then you imagine what would happen if it does fail. All the hours and money you put into making it happen will be wasted, and you’ll have to start over or come up with a new idea. Can you see how insane this is?

By immersing yourself in negative thoughts, you made the worst-case scenario a reality. In your head, you already failed. And on top of that, you feel all associated negative emotions. To escape the trap of psychological time you need to use clock time. Which brings up to the next point.

Do What You Can, At The Very Moment

The opposite of psychological time is the clock time and here’s how it actually works. When you use clock time, you are living in the present but peripherally aware of your past and future. You know what happened to you in the past, but it doesn’t affect your life now. You have a goal and want to achieve it, but you’re not imagining what might go wrong. Instead, you know where you are right now and what you need to do. Being present doesn’t mean that you dismiss logical thinking and common sense.

For example, if you know that there may be some challenges on the way to your goal you realize that fully. You do not live in denial. By being aware of the obstacles and challenges, you are taking the right action now. It may be that the only action you can take now is to plan. Then make a plan, do what you have to do in the present circumstances.

Take One Step At A Time

Making an action plan can pull you into the “prediction mode” where you start thinking about all the things. Don’t let your mind do that. Take a deep breath, let the planning flow from an inner state of calm and presence. Write down all the tasks that you need to do. Put them on your calendar, set reminders, and rest in the knowledge that everything will be accomplished in its own time. Then start going towards your goal by taking one step at a time. Each step will be fully rooted in the present moment, and any action arising out of it will be powerful and intentional.

Thanks As Always, Rekah.

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