Power in Possibility


Most of us have areas where we just don’t feel we’re good enough.  What’s it been for you? Whatever it is, whinging and complaining and feeling badly about who we are isn’t going to make it better.  In fact chances are it’ll get worse.  Ahem, maybe a little experience talking here.  Yes, yes…I’ve done my fair share of whinging and complaining, just in case you wondered. And no, it didn’t get me where I wanted to go. Maybe we should begin with relaxing about the whole thing and give ourselves a break and focus on what we can do to ‘manifest better things’.

A great place to start is recognition – remembering, everything is possible for us and there’s power in those possibilities.

If I feel unhappy, I have the power to change it – it is possible.

We are not our feelings. We are so much greater, so much bigger, yet we still manage to connect the two by allowing our feelings to run our lives. And sadly, if our predominant feeling is one of unhappiness, then, we’re in danger of becoming an unhappy magnet, attracting more and more things to sob about, and to make matters worse, we interpret events through our unhappiness filter, so we manage to magnify unhappiness even more. Aren’t we just fabulous?

It’s an amazing and brilliant system, but we don’t have to use it against us, although we all have that choice. We can create consciously or unconsciously, but there’s no escaping the fact that we’re right slap bang in the middle of everything that’s happening to us. The laws of life operate pretty consistently, a bit like your computer. You know the old saying, garbage in, garbage out? Same with us. Focus on feeling unhappy, watch unhappy things unfold in your life. Amazing how that blooming happens. And we don’t have to get frustrated if we’re less than perfect.

If I’m a worrier, I can designate ‘worrying’ time, so I’m not living in a constant state of fear – it is possible.

I was the greatest worrier in the world. Like a dog with a bone I could go over and over any and every challenge I’d ever had, or was ever going to have. But once I designated my ‘half hour worry time’ the challenge quickly became, ”hmm… what do I have to worry about right now?”

If my attention is mostly on what’s wrong in my life, I can change the direction of my thoughts – it is possible.

We know that we live in two separate worlds simultaneously, the inner world of imagination and thought and the outer world of events and experiences, and that the world that usually gets all the attention is the outer world of experiences. So when things go wrong…and yes, unless you are a super-being, some things probably will, we’re conditioned to focus our attention on everything that’s going badly. I’m not suggesting we don’t have to manage the events that occur, but really…knowing what we know about how life works…why in the heck would we want to direct our attention wholly onto the troubles or problems we face…?

Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by that old I’m not good enough rubbish. Whilst it might seem a little daunting to acknowledge and accept that your life is made by you…it always has been made by you…you just didn’t realize it. And so what if as a conscious user of life’s laws, you get it wrong sometimes…who doesn’t? And so what if you try something and heavens above…you fail. And so what if you’re not quite sure you can do this yet. The very fact that you’ve read this far tells you more about your readiness than you might realize.

Every weakness you see in yourself, is only temporary, okay it might have been with you, seemingly for ever, but it doesn’t do justice to the marvelous creation that you are.  You are unique in the universe, there’s nobody else quite like you and there never will be another you again.  You have unique insights, unique talents and you have unlimited power at your fingertips. The power to think and feel anything you like.  The power to magnetize those very thoughts and feelings and draw into your life the experiences the people and events you choose to experience.

Everything exists as a mere possibility until you direct your conscious towards it.

Thanks As Always, Rekah.

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