Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zones


Familiarity provides a sense of comfort. We tend to feel comfortable in a certain environment and around a certain set of people because we fear change, (which, by the way, is forever going to be as good as a rest). But even if you feel completely contended in your comfort zone, you can’t deny the fact that there lies no fun in it. If you wish to add excitement and zest in your life, breaking out of your comfort zone is the only way to go.

Stepping out of the shell that seems to be protecting you might be difficult at first, but there’s no better way to make yourself stronger and happier as a person. When you take up new challenges and explore the unexplored areas of life, you learn a lot about yourself too. Holding yourself back might make you feel happy for a while, but won’t you be bored sitting in a confined space which can barely give you any new experiences?

Let’s break out of this shell with these steps…

Get the motivation

Know what positive changes might happen in your life if you step out of your comfort zone to try something new. If you are afraid to take up a job opportunity because it requires you to move to a new city, think about how this move can positively impact your career and financial situation. Once you foresee the rewards of making the move, you will learn to get comfortable with the change.

Understand your fears

Sit and think about the fears you have, understand them. Do you fear talking to people in a formal gathering? Do you feel afraid of asking questions in class because you might be judged? Are you afraid to try something new because you are comfortable being where you are? Knowing and understanding your fears is extremely important. It helps you know where your boundaries lie and how they can be pushed further.

Be Informed

Having no knowledge about a subject is bound to make your feel uncomfortable about it. When you have a significant amount of information about something, you will feel confident and less scary while dealing with it.

Start small

You don’t need to go all out at once to take up a new challenge. Allow yourself to take baby steps by gradually pushing the boundaries and slowly getting comfortable with the changes. Remember that taking baby steps out of your comfort zone is way much better than being in a shell that won’t ever allow you to grow.

Draw-Up a plan

If you have a fear of stepping out of your comfort zone, plan in advance as to how you will go about addressing the problem. Start with what looks the easiest thing to do and slowly expand the horizon to include the difficult ones.

Remember the positive experiences

Recall the time when you tried something new and how it made you feel. Remember all the instances when you succeeded and were able to shed your fears. Your past positive experiences exist with you as a reminder that you have done it and can do it again.

Remain positive

When the new challenges begin to scare you, tell yourself that backing off isn’t an option. Accept that facing setbacks is part of life and that unfavorable outcomes are a part of the process of trying something new. The fact that you stepped out of your comfort zone to grab an opportunity will motivate you to do the same again and again no matter how many times you fail.

Don’t overthink

Overthinking will force you to over-analyse the things. The cons will slowly take over the pros and you will be frightened to get outside your comfort zone if you are used to overthinking.

Don’t worry about what others may think of you

You feel ready to take up a challenge and you know what good lies ahead of you but the only thing that is holding you back is the fear of being a subject of gossip among your colleagues or relatives. If so is the case, you need to know that if there’s anyone who stands the chance of losing or gaining something from what you choose to do in life, it’s you. Then why consider what others might feel or say about what you do?

Real comfort can’t be found in sticking along to something that makes you feel safe. Comfort is that what you experience when you undertake the risks that lead you to a better life and to being a more fulfilled individual. So push your limits and discover the new you!

Great Things are done by a series of small things brought together.

-Van Gogh

Thanks As Always, Rekah.

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3 thoughts on “Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zones”

  1. The ability to leave your comfort zone to achieve your goals is what separates ordinary people from extraordinary people. A life in the extraordinary realm stretches you beyond your comfort zone and makes you become discipline on a daily basis.

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