Make Your Upcoming Week Awesome

by KavDaily|GoodPlanning

Before you turn on your desktop / laptop today, take a moment and become aware of your attitude. Is it looking up? Or down? If you need to adjust it upwards, take some deep breaths and write down a few things that could potentially go well for you today.

…Focus on those…

Many of us get excited that the end of the week (Friday) is here — especially if you’ve had a week packed with meetings, project deadlines, and a task list a mile long. As much as you want to take it easy and relax, take Friday as an opportunity to get clear about your priorities next week and get your week ahead off to an awesome start! Take some time to seek out new prospects. Set-up a lunch for next week. It will make you anticipate good things to come.


Review your calendar for next week and plan the entire week. Block time for all meetings, appointments, travel, lunch, personal time/exercise, etc. Set reminders. Create a task list with time allocations. Be realistic about what you can accomplish. Your mind will be clear of feeling like you forgot something and your weekend will be relaxing and having you ready (and happier) at the start of next week.


Fridays are often a day where we don’t want to work as much or we’re anticipating the weekend and just say we’ll finish that one task on Monday. Instead, pick the one big task you have been putting off and commit to getting it done. Set a timer for yourself – work to get the task done in a specified time. Tell your team you’ll be offline for a while and pause your inbox. On Monday, you’ll feel the relief of knowing that the task is done and you can focus on the next big thing.


Reach out to a team member or someone you connected with this week and show your appreciation. It might be a phone call, a thoughtful email or a small gift card. Those who regularly practice gratitude experience more positive emotions, feel more alive, sleep better and express more compassion and kindness.

”Succeeding takes sacrifice, it takes time, it takes energy, it takes learning. It takes constant struggling, stumbling and failing. It takes absolute faith, commitment. It takes everything in you.”


Get that Friday feeling started…!

Always, Rekah!

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