Pursue flow as a way of well-being


Flow is a really interesting concept that has a close relationship to human happiness. It is the experience you have when you are fully and completely absorbed in an activity and nothing else seems to matter. You lose all sense of time and your concentration is so intense that there is no attention left over to think about anything else. You feel focused, productive, and deeply satisfied. It is actually the root of creativity and productivity, and it is strongly associated with happiness.

With flow, your whole attention is at its best and dedicated to the task at hand, that’s why very often you forget about time. When you are in the flow you lose track of time or just feel that the hours pass really quickly. Flow really feels good. It’s like a quiet joy.

You’re more likely to get to that state when…

You are fully present, focused on the task and in control of your actions. Doing what you really love to do and you feel a sense of serenity, timelessness, and clarity.

You have a clear goal. There is a perfect balance between your challenge and your skills. If the challenge is too difficult, you get frustrated. If the task isn’t challenging enough, you get bored. You have continuous feedback about how close you are to achieving the goal.

Here’s how to pursue your flow of well-being

Identify the qualities you are best at, the talents that set you apart from others. Think about what you are uniquely good at and find your signature strength. Identify the work that produces moments of flow and do that more often.

Choose to do work you love and you can be passionate about. Find work that let you use your talents every day or try to incorporate more of your unique talents in any work you do. Try to increase the number of experiences that keep you engaged and totally immersed in what you’re doing.

The more you cultivate the state of flow daily as a mental habit, the happier you’ll become. Who doesn’t want that…?

Thanks as always, Rekah!

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