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Excess stuff can definitely cause stress. Living with piles of stuff surrounding you can be quite exhausting too. It’s time to free ourselves of the excess and focus only on what brings us calmness & ease in our homes.

Switch off your attachment button

Let’s face it, we would have tossed most of this stuff long ago if we didn’t have some weirdly dependent thing going on. Time to focus and look at each and every item we own and if we haven’t used or worn it within a year it’s time to donate it.

Make Piles

Put those few things you just aren’t sure about in a box, put the box in an out of the way-spot in a storage area, like the basement and revisit it in six months. Chances are, you’ll have an easier time letting go once you realize you haven’t missed a thing.

A Place for Everything

Make storage a priority for the things you keep because if you can’t see it, you’ll forget about it and you’ll probably buy more of it and then the clutter will begin again. Get yourself baskets, bins and storage containers after you declutter so you’ll know exactly what you need.

So What’s Next…?

Indulge In A weekly Purge

Good news everybody! The hard part is over. Now keep up the good work with a weekly purge. Do a clean sweep of tabletops, closets, drawers and paperwork then sit down to your spotless table and enjoy a nice hot mug of coffee.

Give to receive

Can’t resist that cute new pair of sneakers?  Go ahead and buy them but donate a pair of shoes in the process. For everything you buy, donate one thing. This will make you think twice at the check out counter.


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