Trust the process


What do you want to achieve today?

One reason people feel so unmotivated on Monday is because their to-do list is overwhelming. Rather than becoming distracted and flustered by a super-long to-do list, pick one major project that you can complete on Monday and make that your main goal Once you get it done, write it down in your planner as a success, treat yourself to a cup of coffee, or do something else to give yourself a pat on the back.

Eliminate your excuses, face your fears and stop doubting yourself

Winning is when progress happens!  Happiness comes with progress, with a view to the future and present progress. Some people argue that you have to be happy with the process, and not be too focused on accomplishing your goal. However,  I believe there is more to it than that. So that you can be happy with the process, you need to see progress in the process.

Success is accomplishing a goal, happiness happens on the journey, and winning is progressing.

Optimize Your Work-space

People are more productive when they are comfortable in their surroundings. Imagine how much better you would feel sitting down to work on Monday morning if you like what you see. Some of the ways to make your office, cubicle or desk more inviting include;

Having a picture of someone or something you love at your desk to remind yourself of why you go to work each day. Maybe it’s to take care of your kids, saving money for travel, or you’re one of those people who say “I work so my dogs can have a better life.”

Decorate your desk with low maintenance succulents or low-light plants like peace lilies or a magnet sticker with a captivating quote that will keep you motivated.

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