Attitude is a little thing that makes a huge difference

It seems that when we have everything planned out completely perfect that those are (sometimes) the plans that always seem to fall flat out. How many times have you been so excited for an outcome that you’re floored when you hit a snag? I’ve been there more than I can count! And I have to admit, that in the past, I used to quit on those little snags. I’d let myself rather not do anything rather than trying again.

A positive attitude is essential to success, happiness, and progress in life. You start to see the bright side, and expect great things can happen in your life. This state of mind brings light, hope and enthusiasm and it is certainly well worth developing.

Wondering how to create a positive attitude and turn your shortcomings into opportunities?

Escalate Opportunities

When someone comes knocking on your door asking for a little help or to work together, people with a great attitude consider the opportunity and determine how they can turn it into a bigger one. They can offer more of their services, play a bigger role, put more of their own stamp on the whole experience so everyone gets more out of it.

When you hit a snag, what’s your first reaction?

Take some time with this and go through what your emotional pathway is. Are you frustrated, at first? Sad, at first? Understanding your initial emotional reaction is a good first step to find out which way your thoughts go. What direction your emotions are pointed to, is it towards yourself or outward?


Things aren’t always going to go swimmingly – in fact at times things are ‘rubbish’. A choice you made or something you did didn’t work out – but doing what you love is all about trial and error and having a positive attitude helps you see that even if you fail a few times, you learn so much in this process. Just get back there!

”There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, it’s own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time.”

-Malcolm X.

Plunge in your thoughts

It’s a learning experience for you when you can look at what you did, what your reactions were, and then using that to change the future. When you get deep into personal development, that light switch goes off along the way that your future reactions are all able to change now. Right now, not later, not in the future. Your past, although sometimes painful, can be your best tool from learning and growing from. The better we know ourselves, the easier it is to steer ourselves to where we want to be.

Don’t point fingers, see opportunity

When a failed plan falls at our feet, we can knee-jerk into that bad habit of blame. We can blame others, we can blame ourselves, but what that does is prolong our emotional response. This emotional response can ruminate in your thoughts and cause you to become stagnant when you could have picked back up and started again! Instead of falling into the easy habit of blaming, look at why your plan failed and what you can take away from it.

Health First

A self care routine can be difficult to implement, especially when you’ve been stuck in a negative spiral for a long time. We get so tangled into all of our short-comings that we stop practicing being kind to ourselves when we stumble. When we don’t take care of ourselves, we begin to lose our grip on everything around us. This, in turn, “proves” that we have failed and digs us even deeper into negative self-image. With self care, starting small can give you the momentum and confidence to recharge yourself and begin to soothe those old wounds of your past.

Embrace mornings

It can make a huge difference with just a simple, quick action each day. Shifting your thoughts to focus on what you like about yourself, what you’re good at, will need to be done every day. Keeping a mental journal with one positive thing about yourself each day will rebuild that relationship with you. You could also, become an early bird and indulge in things like; meditation, yoga, exercise or prayers right before your begin your day.


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