Everything becomes a little different as soon as it is spoken out loud

Relationship Wednesday

Whether at the office with co-workers, socializing with friends, or at home with family, learning how to communicate is crucial for developing good and healthy relationships. Not only can improved communication help you enhance your relationships, but it can also reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. But why do we still find ourselves struggling with getting better at communication? Or, why is it that communication in relationships can get really devastating? Here are some of the common mistakes we tend to overlook when it comes to communication.


If you do not communicate properly, then misunderstandings are bound to happen. This happens when you say something and the person you are talking to understands something completely or slightly different. This can be quite frustrating especially when neither of the people involved are willing to step up to right a wrong.

When you are not clear with what you want from a conversation or what you are trying to say, you cannot let somebody else know what you require of them or what you want them to understand about you and your message. This results in them doing something that you don’t want or reacting in a way that you least expect, which eventually leads to conflict.

Wanting to hear your own version and not what is being conveyed to you, is not going to help the communication get any better. This will be extremely frustrating much later when the message is made clearer, and you better believe it will feel like a huge waste of time on your behalf. You could have avoided the frustration, and possibly the extra time and energy, by just listening and clarifying the first time you had a conversation, something we’re all guilty of!

Lack of trust

This is definitely a chain of reaction, where lack communication result to a lack of trust! When you are only willing to give so much information to someone, they have to make up the rest in their mind.

For instance, if you tell your partner that you are going to go out with some friends, but leave key details out, such as where you are going, who you are going to meet up with, and what you are going for, they will have to make up the rest of their story in the mind.

Unfortunately, when people are left to make up stories in their mind, most are not usually full of cherries and berries. Worries, fears and doubts creep up, which could have been avoided by trusting that this person would make the right choices. Visualizing unpleasant scenarios results in unpleasant feelings, and eventually conflict arises. Choosing or refusing to give details makes it seem like you are hiding something. People who have nothing to hide are open and willing to give details about their life and what they are doing.

Broken Connection

Relationships are built on communication. That’s how you get to know about each other. You get to understand where the other person is coming from and what they want. And, you develop a bond. If that fails to happen, then, you start to lose interest and eventually , lose the friendship.

”The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

Unresolved Conflict

Conflict will happen in every relationship, and how you communicate when it happens will have a huge impact over the health and status of your relationship. Proper communication can help you work though an issue quickly and feel better about the situation, but when it lacks, it becomes hard to resolve issues and most of the times, they usually don’t get fixed.

Relationship issues that are left to linger, can and will impact both people negatively. The person who focuses on the issue will suffer from anger or hurt, while the person who is in a relationship with someone focused on the issue will suffer from being the target of an angry or hurt person’s emotions.

Listening or Sorting for advice from other people

If you have a hard time communicating with someone, then you will likely hear about things that you should hear from them and not from anybody else. For instance, if someone you are in a relationship with is feeling sad, then they may be more inclined to talk it out to a family member than you. That family member may feel that other people need to know about this issue (especially you), and so you will find out from someone else, something you should already know. That is a painful way to learn the truth about someone you are in a relationship with. It makes you feel like you were not worthy enough to talk to and it further disconnects you from them.

Feeling Disrespected

When there is a lack of communication in relationships, people can feel like they are being disrespected. For instance, not wanting to share your day can make someone feel unimportant. And, not listening to someone discuss something important can make them feel as though their thoughts and emotions are not valid to you.

Being insulted by the people closest to us makes us feel as though we are not worthy of their approval, interest, or effort. This often happens in one-sided relationships where only one person shares and only one person listens. The person who does all the listening, but none of the sharing feels as though their life is not important enough for the other person to listen, and the person talking feels as though the person listening has no desire to share intimate details with them.

Feeling Abused

When there is a big lack of communication in relationships, it can get to the point of being mentally abusive. For instance, the silent treatment is a form of abuse. It keeps one person in control while the other person has to struggle, cry, beg, and live in a state of desperation or confusion. To make someone else feel like that is cruel and is considered mental abuse.

However, the silent treatment isn’t the only way to mentally abuse someone. Leaving out important details is abusive, and being rude, angry, or offensive is abusive. Moreover, yelling at each other is abusive. All of those things can occur when communication is lacking in the relationship, which means that anyone with poor communication skills has the potential to get into an abusive relationship. When you feel bad about yourself and your relationship due to a lack of communication, abuse is more likely to happen by one person or by both.

Improve your communication in relationships

You must change what is going on in your mind if you want to change what is going on in your relationships. Therefore, the way to start changing your mind is to become aware of how important communication is in a relationship.

You should now have an understanding of how a lack of communication can really impact your happiness, your relationship, and your future in a big way. It can lower your self-esteem, cause you to be in a constant state of anger or hurt, and it can break down your relationships from healthy to unhealthy to non-existent. If there is one thing that everyone needs to work on their relationships, it is communicating properly, that’s key.

Make things better

Make communication a priority in your relationship. If you know that someone wants to talk to you, then give them the time and the energy that they deserve by shutting down the TV or computer, don’t pay any attention to your phone and listen keenly to what they are about to say. Don’t put it off until after you finish watching a show or something else less meaningful because, you might just never get the chance to talk.

”A good relationship starts with a good communication.”

If things get heated and you can’t have an effective conversation, then don’t give up on the conversation altogether. Rather, let the other person know that you want to talk by saying words like; ”I need a few hours to gather my thoughts and be more proactive with my words.” Make it a rule that you are both coming from a place of calm and rational thinking before you try to communicate about important things in your relationship.

Be honest

The only way to really communicate in a way that solves problems and gets your true message across is to be honest. This means that you have to let other people be honest as well and get yourself ready to hear some things you may not want to or be ready to hear. Remember, hearing something honest is better than hearing nothing at all.


Most of us are good at listening in a way where we prepare ourselves for the next thing we are about to say, but not so much in a way that helps us understand key concepts that someone is trying to get across to us. Try to focus on their words and the meaning behind them rather than what you want to say. You may want to paint a visual picture in your head as they speak so that you can visually see what they are trying to say to you, or you can rephrase what they say to clarify what you hear and show them that you are listening.

Body language

You’ve probably heard that it doesn’t matter what you say as much as it matters how you say it. That saying stems from the fact that people use their body language to convey their true feelings and reactions. While some people can hide themselves in their words, it is much harder to control every facial movement, gesture, or twitch while in a conversation. Even if someone thinks they are being honest with you, their body language might give you a hint of the feelings they are locking away inside. If you can become a master of reading body language, you will have a much easier time understanding the real emotions behind what is being said.

Stick to the present

Don’t dig up the past and throw in some shots to try to make yourself feel better about the conversation. The past is the past and there is nothing you can do to change it now. Therefore, communicate in the present. Talk about where you are, what concerns you are having, what you want to get done, and what actions you can take right now to make sure all that happens. When you stay in the present, conversations will feel so much more healing and productive.


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