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Monday Motivation

Monday, a day of new starts, where the week is before and the possibilities are totally endless

Many of us spend most of our week in an office and sometimes things can get a bit overwhelming. It can be difficult to come into work especially after a nice weekend of relaxation. Mondays are known for being the worst day of the week.   Although it’s easy to remain in the post-weekend slump, it’s quite important to pull yourself out of it so that you can be motivated to get work done. Being stuck isn’t beneficial and only allows negative thoughts to fester. Let’s take a look at a few ways we can escape hitting a snag.

Organize your desk

When your desk is full of clutter, it is difficult to get any work done. Papers and post-it notes that are strewn all over your desk can be distracting. This can cause you to be unable to focus on your job. Consider clearing your desk so that all of your attention is directed toward the task at hand.

Shrug off the social media

After the weekend is over and you’ve returned to work, you’ll probably have the desire to see what everyone else is doing. Refrain from checking your phone for the latest updates. It will just make you long for the weekend and regret going to work. Instead, concentrate on your work and then check your phone when you get home. Disconnect to connect.

Look sharp

Wearing your favorite work clothes can put you in a positive mood. When you look your best, you usually feel your best. This confidence can result in a can-do attitude that permeates the workplace. Use this new outlook to tackle some tough tasks and stay at the top of your game.

Eat right

Don’t just eat less, eat right. Although going out to eat with coworkers for lunch sounds fun, you are unlikely to buy anything nutritious unless you are really dedicated. Pack your lunch the night beforehand with healthy, but delicious food. If you already packed a tasty lunch, then you will be less likely to go out and buy something. But that doesn’t mean you can’t eat with your coworkers.

Laugh with others

No one should sit at a desk all day with a solemn expression on their face. Make sure you have some (reasonable) fun with your work. Love your work!

Take time for yourself

Not everyone is a workaholic. Working nonstop will only result in a decline in work quality. Try to take some time for yourself and institute breaks throughout the day. Get some air and a change of scenery for a short amount of time. You’ll feel refreshed and then be able to take on your tasks with fresh eyes.

Work smarter

There are early birds and then those who best function later in the day. You know yourself best. Arrange your schedule based on the fluctuations of your energy levels. When you are the most tired, stick to easy tasks and when you are the most alert, fling yourself headlong into those more complex projects.

Be a team player!

”Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” -Michael Jordan

Keep track of accomplishments

Just because you are an adult doesn’t mean you can’t reward yourself for a job well done. Keep a list of your achievements at work or some of your own personal victories within eyesight. When you begin to zone out or become unfocused, your eye will catch the list and you’ll be reminded of all your accomplishments. That little reminder can give you a boost of motivation so that you’ll complete your work.

See the big picture 

Your job isn’t always perfect. Your workload can spontaneously fluctuate from having almost nothing to a giant list of tasks that you have to complete by the end of the week. It’s understandable to get frustrated sometimes. But keep in mind that boring and lengthy work can often be the most useful for yourself or others. Pay attention to the whole company, not just your role.

It’s always a good week to have a great week!



Hi! I'm Rekah and I believe in love, sunshine and happiness. My mission is to inspire you to make positive changes in your life, to love more, and to accept that happiness begins with yourself. Life is better than great and it’s yours, all for you, so show up everyday and make the choice to do what you love most! I believe time shouldn’t be a luxury. Through clear processes, simplified systems and rock-solid support in your business, you can have more time to focus on your zone of genius, family, friends, and play. I also believe that having a little extra help doesn’t make you any less of a business owner. In fact, that’s where true leadership emerges from. Extra help carves the way to extra time, time that you can spend on scaling your business, widening your impact and to 10x your authority. I'm a realistic, relaxed, cheerful and ready to tackle 'all what life has to offer' kind of woman. Always drawn to anything natural; Art, Literature,Culture and Lifestyle. KavDaily is a mix of different feels of life that we often find the need to quench our minds on. I'm always learning, trying, failing, dreaming big, enjoying but not worrying about the small stuff and above everything else, I embrace my imperfections because life's always better when you discover what you're really all about. I am a forward thinker and love creative thinking. I'll definitely be using this blog to organize my thoughts, feelings and views. Do try to keep up! ❤️ Dear potential advertisers, kavdaily accepts advertising from brands or services I love, see a synergy with, or would pay for myself. If you think I make a perfect match, please email me on my contact page or at

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