Worried about your Fitness? Say no more! Age ain’t nothing but a number.

Fitness is for everyone, no matter how they’re built or what their age may be. It’s a universal need for a healthy life, but it looks different for each individual. If you don’t like how your body feels or looks, it’s not too late to get in shape. You don’t have to wait for your body to give signals that you need to get a little sweat dripping off of you.

All progress takes place outside the comfort zone!

Improve your eating habits

When looking to get in shape, your fork is as important as your Fit-bit. It’s never too late to improve your eating habits by inducing more whole-foods, lesser sugars, processed foods, fats and high-calorie meals. Few like them but vegetables are literally what our bodies require.

Anywhere is a great place to start

At times, this is where many of us go wrong. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing, all you need is to begin. Think about what you can and do it sooner rather than later. There are so many simple workout videos for men and women all ages, that can help you kick start your healthy lifestyle. No rush!

Know your limits

Understanding how your body works is acknowledging that you know the limits you can get to when you begin with your workouts. It’s best recommended to see a doctor and get to know how far you can go with this. ‘This purely depends on age, body mass, nature or condition of of your body.’ Remember, all body types have various options of workouts. No one is going to ask you to just sit and do nothing, we all have a common goal which is to get in shape.

Got to be relentless

This is a lifestyle. You begin an activity that you’ll be comfortable doing for the rest of your life. Getting and staying fit has benefits beyond just losing weight or fitting in your favorite outfit. It’s never a to-do list, but a key beginner of your day…Like coffee! It’s something you aim to achieve, then work your way up to maintaining it.

Don’t just wish for a great body, work for it

Reverse habitual lifestyle sins

The lesser the effort, the lesser the results. Your body is asking is so many ways to get in shape, you just have to let it. Starting a consistent workout can help eliminate bad lifestyle habits that have been slowing you down. If giving up binge alcohol or smoking is your goal to begin a healthy lifestyle, then your body reciprocates by healing right away! Exercising your body means that you allow a fresh blood and oxygen circulation to take place which is caused by consistent movement of your muscles.

Make it interesting

What’s your preference when it comes to doing what’s healthy and fun? Gym, outdoors or indoors? There’re so many options that you can pick from to suit your personality. It really doesn’t mean you literally run a marathon, well, unless you want to… and neither does it mean you do insane lifting, which isn’t bad if you want to. Just make sure what you start, is constant for long term results.

No rush

Four key things you need to charge up for a healthy lifestyle; patience, determination, motivation and consistency. Your body responds to every activity you engage in, thus, the more you move, the happier it is, the healthier you get. There’s no limit in getting in shape and neither is there a rush. Remember you’re not doing what everyone else is doing but what you are comfortable with. Also, it’s important to flow with the season changes. Learn to adapt to activities that best suit seasons around you. As long as your body gains from your consistency.

Go for what your body can allow

Most people tend to focus on one activity or type of exercise and think they’re doing enough. Each type is different, though. Doing them all will give you more benefits. Mixing it up also helps to reduce boredom and cut risk of injury. Again, depends on what your body can handle. Some of these activities can be intertwined, for instance, endurance activities also build strength whereas strength exercises can also help improve balance.


This includes breathing and heart rate. Keeps your heart, lungs, and circulatory system healthy. It also improves your overall fitness! Builds your endurance and makes it easier to carry out many of your everyday activities i.e. brisk walking, dancing etc…

It all comes down to one thing, how bad do you want to look good?


Builds your muscles to keep you strong. Muscles help you stay independent and carry out everyday activities, such as climbing stairs and carrying groceries. Lifting weights, using resistance band or planking can be some of the best muscle building exercises.


Body strength exercises can and will improve your balance. This is best for a beginner so as to prepare your body for more and advanced exercise routines. Balance exercises include chakra yoga or tai chi.


This includes stretching your muscles and can help your body stay limber. Your body attains more freedom of movement for other exercises as well as for your everyday activities. Flexibility activities can include; Adho mukha svanasana yoga and upper body stretch.

All shapes and sizes can do this

You’re never too big, too weak, too small or too out of shape to start dripping sweat. You have the power to steer the shape of your body. You most certainly can increase or decrease your workouts however you want but don’t limit yourself because you think you are ”too” something. Self-acceptance can come late, but better late and fit than never.

A little progress each day adds up to BIG results!

Make it a lifestyle

Muscles can reverse quickly if left dormant. Consistency is key! Whether you need a stronger core balance and posture, or stronger legs to stay mobile and not risk falling and breaking bones, there are exercises that can get you there regardless of your age.

Enjoy while at it!

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