Is it a tad late?

Regret is such a short word. Yet, stretches for a lifetime!

When young, we make various choices based on the ‘now life’ without any futuristic considerations in mind. Most times we start to feel the pinch of the very choices in our mid-life years and most certainly not things one would enjoy to ponder on.


When growing up, we care little for relationships. What most think about is getting money, moving up the ladder of success, pleasing our immediate family, friends and so on. Many use and step on people to reach to their pillar of success, take relationships for granted, mess up bonds etc… But these bad acts always have a way of catching up ahead. You will achieve your most desired success, but, you’ll also realize how empty life is without genuine love, real and meaningful relationships around you.


Young age comes with various new talent discoveries. Things that you were great at but didn’t put any efforts in them. You’re never too old to spark that flame up again and exploit your talent. It doesn’t matter what set backs you encounter, you’re far much confident and very much capable in your prime years. Giving up when you’re older, will have you looking at your peers who stuck to what they loved and made it and think to self, ‘That could’ve been me’. Pursue a dream, it’s still very much valid.


In your older years, a legacy is crucial. The value of your name is VERY important. Ask yourself, ‘what reputation do you have?’ What are you planning to leave behind? In a nut shell, your legacy is a combination of your actions from your youthful days to your last breath. You build your biography by how you live everyday. When you look back the path you took and see how much mud your spattered on your name, the shame you attracted and the value you have left in this world, that is when you will experience the bitterness of regret.


Have you been riding on good money on your prime and productive years? It may sound ‘cliche’ but don’t throw away all that hard earned money in clubs or in any sort of recklessness. Widen your revenue stream, invest in it, make ‘IT’ work for you so that it can take care of you in your Golden Years. Leave an inheritance for your beloved ones so that you never find yourself saying, ‘i wish i knew better’.


The one person that has stood by you through the picks and pits of your life, cried and laughed with you, is a lifetime keeper. Pushing that person away will only lead to a great deal of regret, thus, finding someone else to replace will be almost impossible. Settling will be your only option. It will torment you as you age and constantly find yourself asking, ‘what if we were still together?’


The youthful years are filled with a lot of energies and tend to think that no one else is right. You know? The, ‘know it all’ phase? Thoughts like,’what do parents know’ are usually the order of the day during this phase of life. Parents are indeed parents, whether you agree with them or not, whatever parenting style they choose on you is because they know what is best. Don’t let your parent leave this world or age separated from you. Reconcile and start all over again! It’s never too late. When you get older or rather, join them in their golden years, you will realize that all they ever wanted was to be close to you. The older you get, the clearer you see and understand the value.


The time wasted in your youthful years can never be recovered. Engaging in deep worry, toxic relationships, blanketing great and innovative ideas, giving excuses and pursuing in toxic habits will only lead to one thing -regret. Time can never be retrieved.

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